“Evan is awesome and easy to work with. His mixes are detailed and he understands nuances. Planning some future projects with him already. Made my single sound much better and it was already good…how do you do that? Not sure but you can ask Evan and he will explain it ;-)”

Blake Caldwell

Evan is both an excellent engineer and the type of person you want to work with, I couldn’t be happier with my experience! He went above and beyond to make minute mix changes over the course of several versions, and the final product sound so much better than when we began. I highly recommend Evan to any artist looking to improve their music!

Kendall Wagner

“Evan was very easy to work with. I was impressed with his turnaround time and his execution of the revisions I noted (this is no small compliment; not having to be incessant on any one mixing note was an unusual relief). In his mix, he found an aggressive energy that brought a dimension to the song that at first I hadn’t considered, but which now seems essential. Will be working with him again.”

Johnny Paglino

“Evan was so great to work with when it came to mastering my album. Not only was I overwhelmingly pleased with the way the final product came out. Evan also went the extra mile and mastered a completely different second version of our record specifically for the vinyl pressing. I was blow away by his attention to detail and desire to give the vinyl version the justice it deserved. To this day the thing that almost everyone compliments my record on is the way that it sounds coming through their stereos, speakers, or headphones. Though I was a small, independent DIY artist, he treated me and my recording project with respect, professionalism, and attention.”

Laura Jane Vincent

“Our work that Evan mastered has now been placed on major TV more than anything else we’ve released in the past. This isn’t just a coincidence – Evan brought a dynamism and sheen to the tracks that’s immediately impacting on the listener.”

Nick CampbellWages

“I have worked with Evan Bradford on mastering last three albums. Every time I have been overwhelmingly pleased with the result. He has an amazing ear for bringing out the true spirit of the song and makes the recording sound professional and balanced. I am amazed how quickly he works. I don’t think I’ve ever waited more than a week for the finished product. Thank you, Evan for all the great sounding tunes!”

Bob BurnetteThe Luxury Spirit

“When I decided to record my entire album exclusively at my home studio, I worried about the compromises I might have to make in sound quality with a modest budget. Luckily, I turned to Evan’s mastering services. He made the vocals soar above the texture, tightened up the low end, and gave the full album a consistency that I couldn’t quite achieve alone. Contact him today for your mastering needs, and if you don’t have anything to get mastered, record something for him to master. You won’t regret it.”

Nick Stubblefield